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Willy Joy- Battle For LA

This week we continue our series of exclusive giveaways: every Wednesday, Willy Joy  & Gotta Dance Dirty have teamed up to give you Free Willy Wednesdays! Each week we’ll give you a new tune out of Willy’s vault. Some are  remixes, some are  bootlegs, some are  100% originals.. Some of them you may have heard played by your favorite DJ or in an  exclusive mix, but now they’re yours… for free!

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Wick-it The Instigator brings his Southern thunder from Nashville to the West coast with this awesome moombahton remix of Dr. Dre. The hard hitting kicks, tasteful samples, and groovin’ vibe will get you boogie-ing into the weekend. Check out more of Wick-it’s eclectic catalog on his SoundCloud.



Just got this in the mail from our friendlies over at Technique Management, who recently acquired the infamous LA duo LAZRTAG onto their roster. To give back to the good people of the blogosphere, LAZRTAG have leaned the tempo on the infamous Tommy Trash banger to make a FREE killer bootleg out of one of the biggest tunes out right now. Think bagpipe fiesta.

Our buddy Clockwork has turned down the tempo in this new Moombahton remix of The Beatards, the Brooklyn trio responsible for the popular Mixtape Riot parties in New York City. Straying from his big room Electro sound as found in the first release on our DirtyNitrus micro-label, Henry puts a fun twist on the original that is bountifully bouncy and definitely club-ready.

The Beatards – Tramp (Clockwork Moombahton Remix)



This week, we at GDD™ are pleased to bring you a special Dirt takeover by our friend and Father of Moombahton, DAVE NADA! For those who do not know anything about Moombahton, it all started in 2009 when Dave played at his little cousin’s school ditch party back in Maryland where he slowed down the popular Afrojack remix to 108 beats per minute to appease the crowd. Since then, he’s been making reggaeton-tempo edits of Dutch house and tropical house, and clubs have been going crazy for the stuff. Now, Moombahton has picked up even more speed and has been embraced by some of the largest producers in the world. Dirty dancers, I give you Dave Nada’s : Many Moves of Moombahton! GDD™ style.

“Some like it hard, some like it soft, but everyone likes it hot. Here are some of my favorite moombahton tracks that represent the many vibes of the genre. The diversity of moombahton proves that there’s something for everyone…” – Dave Nada

Dave was kind enough to give us a complete overview of the Moombahton genre, all the way from the hardest style to the soul style. Check them all out and enjoy! They all are downloadable for free! Heres the .zip file

Datsik – Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Rmx) by Munchi

Shy Day by David Heartbreak

Sabina (Four Four Bass rmx – Nadastrom Moombahton edit).mp3 by T&ARecords

Jesus Creates Moombahton by djsabo

BOYFRIEND – Baltoji Varnele Edit by BOYFRIEND

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Heads Will Roll” (A-Mac Moombahton Edit) (Download able)

Cumbia Nightlife (Dave Nada Moombahton Edit) by SolSelectas

If you still haven’t had your fill of moombahton, please check out Dave’s Blog:

I hope you guys enjoy this week’s installment of The Dirt. I promise you MOOMBAHTON is the genre of the future. Just watch!


KMOC + Dave Nada

I’ve been hooked on the new slower paced groove of the moombahton styles, stumbled upon and invented by Dave Nada. When asked to DJ his cousins High School ditch party, Nada decided to give a younger-appealing vibe by slowing the bpm down from 130 to 108. With tracks like ‘Moombah,’ ‘Underground Sound,’ and ‘Riverside,’ Nada said he didn’t wanna get jumped for playing techno! The product was a salsa flavor marinated into a stretched out dutch-horned bang. Get Ready to be put in a latin trance.
Fellow Dubsider DJ Neoteric and familiar A-Mac have joined in on the slow jammed experiment, creating some dirty ass tracks that sample dutch house bangerifics with hints of funk, disco, reggaeton, and so much more fun stuff. They have much more in store this year, so be on the lookout for more moombahton! BUT GUESS WHAT – all 3 of these DJs were nice enough to send me some of their finest 108 greats…great party tracks to drop during any pool party or summer fest atmosphere! BOOM! ¡ESTA LOCA!
Hear the Moombahton Story in The Fader’s Dave Nada’s Interview!

Several years after the commercial dance music explosion in the states, it seems as though the masses are slowly but surely continuing on their aural explorations to find new sounds and vibes to match their evolving tastes. The West coast festival culture that has spawned from Burning Man has been a catalyst for a range of dance music sub-genres, but it has been particularly crucial for Sabo‘s slower, moombahton-influenced style. “My deep, slow tribal sound was finally understood by a whole community of open minded people,” the Sol Selectas label head says about his experience playing the Robot Heart bus at that thing in the desert in 2013. It was at that moment when he knew he wanted to create what we now know as Vibe Quest, his debut album.

As a whole, Sabo’s Vibe Quest stays true to its name as it features an array of different sounds and styles, like world music, deep house, and tech-house, cohesively woven together with a common thread of tribalistic electronic music fused with an organic and spiritual touch. The most powerful music is able to transport the listener into different realms, and this album does just that. Sabo says, “My intention with this record is to manifest moments of positive feelings on the dance floor,” and he is surely well on his way to success. Enjoy the album above and be sure to pick it up on Beatport.

LA dance music mainstay, Whiiite, has helped shape the scene in one of the most influential music cities in the world. With his eclectic bass-heavy sound, high-energy DJ sets, and comic book aesthetic, he’s built a legion of followers that have an affinity for harder styles, but he’s recently been showing a slight change of pace. On this remix of “Motley Crue” by the Mind of a Genius-signed duo, THEY., Whiiite fuses the originals catchy hooks with a slowed-down house groove, driven by airy atmospheres and moombahton-esque percussion for a summer-appropriate gem. Enjoy!

Coming off of their debut album last year, LA-based Nadastrom is picking up right where they left off. Known for pioneering Moombahton and more, this duo has a reputation for pushing boundaries, and in recent times, they’ve been moving deeper in the house music realm with a refined sense of style and cosmic inspiration. Their explorations have taken them to his two-track offering, “Jupiter” & “Chivas,” that brings a fusion of stripped-down, deep driving grooves, ethereal synth work, and a soulful, psychedelic feel that ties it all together. Much like the other releases on Sabo’s outstanding Sol Selectas label, these sounds have been tested and proven on desert dance floors and beyond (watch the Burning Man video after the jump), so have a listen above and pick up the release on Beatport.

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